The word “Safari” comes from the East African language Ki Swahili and means “Journey”. Our journeys are designed to immerse you in the wilderness, so that you connect with the pulse of Africa.


A “true” safari is one that follows an old, but tried and trusted formula. One that takes everything along, like the caravans of old, but leaves nothing behind.

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San Tribes

  • Length:16 Days
  • Activities:Cultural,Wildlife, Adventures
  • Highlights:Experiencing the San People

  • Departure Dates: 2nd March 2017

Kalahari Special

  • Length:14 Days
  • Activities:Game Drives, Wildlife, Adventures
  • Highlights:Unique desert adapted species

  • Departure Dates: 9th April 2017

Wild Life Safari

  • Length:11 Days
  • Activities:Wildlife, Boating, Astronomy
  • Highlights:Elephants, Lions, Leopards

  • Departure Dates:
    • 29th April, 20th May, 10th June 2017
    • 19th Aug, 2nd Sep, 16th Sep 2017

Okavango Explorer

  • Length:15 Days
  • Activities:Island fly camp, Wildlife, Boating
  • Highlights:Exploring the water way of the Okavango

  • Departure Dates:
    • 25th June 2017